U-Mobile cheating consumer
U-Mobile cheating consumer
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My boyfriend at 2008 years, he at shopping center get two U-Mobile sim card, at that time the worker say just take and he take two sim card. After that he didn’t use it. Cause he use maxis sim card already 4 years and didn’t wish to change.

After two month, the U-mobile send a letter come, ask my boyfriend to pay the bill. One bill is RM170. My boyfriends get shock and go to U-Mobile center and ask. Who know the center worker say the sim card you didn’t use also need pay money.

My boyfriend get angry cause the promoter say just take no need to pay anything. So my boyfriend say wan cut it off cause he didn’t use it even one time. After thath the worker at center say ok just cut it. At that time, newspaper also got news say many people cheat by this company.

After two years, this U-Mobile come bill again and ask Nobile Nexux Sdn Bhd, a dept consultant company , they everyday call my boyfriend wan my boyfriend pay money. They say if my boyfriend don’t wan to pay money they will take action.

This U-Mobile can always cheat people?? Who also cheated by them before? Can take what action to them so that they stop harass by them??

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