HLB card centre force to to pay $ that not using by me
HLB card centre force to to pay $ that not using by me
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I can’t neither read or write in both english and bahasa malaysia, my case happen was ……
i received call from HLB card centre telling that i had use RM35299.20 to buy hand phone, on the spot i told them that I never use me card, Immedially I went to report my lost to the police station, later i talked to person in charge in HLBank Kepong, they help me to write the complaint letter that I taught was giving out to Malaysia Consumer Complaint center but it actually had help me to submit to FMB,
Result out I still need to pay for at least 80% of the total, I feel so unhappy, but what can I do??? the letter telling me that “there is no avenue for appeal within the financial Mediation Bureau, for some people 3000++ not a big amount but for us, hawker, every single ringgit is really hard to earn, who can help????
Look like no body i can look for 🙁 I’m really worry i still have 2 kids to suffer, pls help!!!! Thx

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