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Unifi Service – What a disappointment
Unifi Service – What a disappointment
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I am/was a Streamyx customer since 2005. I decided to upgrade to Unifi last August, and finally in October the installation team came to my place to sort things out. I was given the TV, phone, internet, etc, happy customer, and a blue form that contains my internet password. No problem with the service all this time, connection is great, but suddenly yesterday a received a shocker:

My service was disconnected and I couldn’t figure out why. After trying to restart modem, check ports, TV services, etc, I decided to call TM. My phone was disconnected as well! So I called from my hand phone since the 100 number wouldn’t work to call TM directly. Apparently I had not paid my bills for Unifi since October! This came as a shock to me, as every month I kept receiving TM’s bill and I kept paying it. After speaking with the customer service representative at TM, I found out that:

1. My Streamyx was not cancelled when I subscribed to Unifi (even though they’re both under the same company, TM). I was supposed to go in person to the nearest TM point and cancel it myself. I was not told to do so at any point, it is not mentioned in any form or paper given to me, I need to take a day off to do so, and it is illogical and unreasonable that I can sign up for the service with just a phone call or online but to terminate it I have to go in person. This is typical malicious and advantageous corporate behavior.

2. Even though Streamyx was not active anymore, nor the phone line used at all, they happily kept charging me (I thought I was paying for Unifi services) above RM200 every month! Streamyx if RM88 a month, how could my bills run up to RM241 a month if it is not even plugged in? it escapes me.

3. I now owe Unifi an amount totalling RM902.15 for charges since October. The money I have been paying since October is for the disconnected Streamyx service which I still need to pay for because the Streamys department in TM doesn’t talk to the Unifi department, so it is my fault that internally they have no communication.

4. The money I have paid to Streamyx is obviously down the drain and they will not answer for that. I ended up paying for both services concurrently.

5. I am told by phone now, in January, that the technician must have told me during installation in October about the cancellation of my Streamyx. My technician was a very nice and helpful young Malay guy that spoke very little English. He did not say anything to me about cancelling the service. Even if he had done so, I wouldn’t have been able to understand him. Severe language barrier. Whom should I blame, the malaysian education system?

6. Even though I have just paid more than a thousand ringgit to TM, my internet service is still not going to be connected now today when I need it, but only 24 hours later. What a crappy service!

I feel cheated. This is unethical behavior from such a big company. In fact, this is wantonly complicated for the customer in order to cheat me of my money. I don’t care what department is what in your company, that is for you to figure out, not me. TM happily kept billing me for a service I wasn’t using, knowing that I was subscribed and using their Unifi service (VIP10). Boo and boo for you TM. 7 plus years of service and this is how you get treated. Boo for TM. I can’t wait until we get some serious competitors for internet services in Malaysia. I’ll be the first to cancel my TM account. Boo!

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3 Responses to Unifi Service – What a disappointment

  1. eddieliane says:

    Dear Value Customer,
    Call Me For Assist.Im happy to help you.
    016 564 1747 (EDDIE)

  2. Angryman says:

    My unifi service has been suspended due to two months lag of payment, I understand this is my faults, but when I notice my unifi line suspended,I direct call to technical department search for help and the sales representative told me that I need to pay the full payment and call to billing department in order to reconnect my unifi line.
    I immediately make payment via eBanking, and call in to billing department wish to reconnect back my line, here the problem come,I call in to billing department on 9.30pm and guess what, no body pick up my call even though my call ring for 30 minutes, hey!!!30 minutes still no one able/free to pickup my call and I keep heard the automated system said:”your call is important to us,please hold the line and our sales representative will attend to you shortly”
    Do you think TM (such a big Internet communication provider) should provide this kind of poor service to us?
    I hope in future another brand new Internet communication provider can appear as a biggest competitor for TM,and I’m will be the first to terminate everything with TM!

  3. ivankhoo says:


    Now i using my blackberry to online and found this portal . same problem with me in Yesterday , i already make full payment at TMpoint . Directly on the spot make call for Re-active line back. Same thing as you mention heard the automated system said:”your call is important to us,please hold the line and our sales representative will attend to you shortly”.

    wait almost 45 minit they finally answer my call . i spoke to them my problem . the customer srvice say need wait within 24 hour my line will active back . so i say if after 24 hour still same problem how ? she say call back and complaint. so just now i already make a call , waiting until almost 35 minit they answer my call , i told them my Whole Story . They finalise the asnwer to me , is BILLING DEPARTMENT PROBLEM. Only BILLING DEPARTMENT can settle the problem . so i request pass the line to BILLING DEPARTMET , she say if u have passion to wait , they will answer your call . What a bad service i never meet before ! very dissapointed ! i wait they answer the call too , Cause need the line active back . But this time i wait until 45 minit also no people asnwer me . so i give up waiting in the end and use mobile to online find some complaint forum. Don’t tell me Only 3 person working at BILLING DEPARTMENT and serve WHOLE MALAYSIA. What a Shame with a Big Company in Malaysia .

    Due still under contract , i have no choice . If not i will try the MAXIS HSBB service . At least i need make a complaint can direct go KLCC to make complaint . Unifi not provide a service centre also !!!

    In future have a brand new ISP , I’m also The first to terminate the unifi service in TM.

    My first subscribe Interne Service Provider is Maxis BB , then lucky become P1 tester when P1 not lunching yet , found P1 line is fast so i go subscribe , until YES apper , i go signup too ,YES line is super fast ! But YES too expensive and alot hidden charges , so i stop reload. Now try Unifi , the line is good But the Customer Service was the BAD on top of 3 ISP.