Unifi Customer Service 1300881222
Unifi Customer Service 1300881222
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😡 Now i using my blackberry to online and found this portal . i already make full payment at TMpoint . Directly on the spot make call for Re-active line back. heard the automated system said:”your call is important to us,please hold the line and our sales representative will attend to you shortly”.

wait almost 45 minit they finally answer my call . i spoke to them my problem . the customer srvice say need wait within 24 hour my line will active back . so i say if after 24 hour still same problem how ? she say call back and complaint. so just now i already make a call , waiting until almost 35 minit they answer my call , i told them my Whole Story . They finalise the asnwer to me , is BILLING DEPARTMENT PROBLEM. Only BILLING DEPARTMENT can settle the problem . so i request pass the line to BILLING DEPARTMET , she say if u have passion to wait , they will answer your call . What a bad service i never meet before ! very dissapointed ! i wait they answer the call too , Cause need the line active back . But this time i wait until 45 minit also no people asnwer me . so i give up waiting in the end and use mobile to online find some complaint forum. Don’t tell me Only 3 person working at BILLING DEPARTMENT and serve WHOLE MALAYSIA. What a Shame with a Big Company in Malaysia .

Due still under contract , i have no choice . If not i will try the MAXIS HSBB service . At least i need make a complaint can direct go KLCC to make complaint . Unifi not provide a service centre also !!!

In future have a brand new ISP , I’m also The first to terminate the unifi service in TM. 😡

My first subscribe Interne Service Provider is Maxis BB , then lucky become P1 tester when P1 not lunching yet , found P1 line is fast so i go subscribe , until YES apper , i go signup too ,YES line is super fast ! But YES too e

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