UniFi – 3 weeks report with no resolutions: 1-1510743266
UniFi – 3 weeks report with no resolutions: 1-1510743266
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2nd time my UniFi service was broken on 31st August 2011. I’ve lodged a call to UniFi Centre to report about my problem. They say they are currently short of staffs due to Raya holidays. I understand and thus on 3rd September 2011, a UniFi technician came over to check.

He suspects that my Internal Fibre Cable is broken as it goes over my house’s ceiling and there are rats running around. He showed me the cable that looks like a part of it being chewed by rat. He said he is not authorized to change the cable as it goes over the ceiling and needs to call a contractor.

UniFi did not call me back to report the status and it has been 21 days now. I’ve made numerous calls to UniFi centre to complain and ask for a supervisor/manager to speak to me but to no avail, My calls were unheard of. UniFi operators are inexperienced bunch and all gave me different sorts of answer.

For the benefit of UniFi users:
Operator 1: Your internal fibre cable is broken. You need to call your own contractor.
Operator 2. Your internal fibre cable is broken. We will call the contractor for you.
Operator 3: No contractors available as installation schedule is full and trying to slot you into the appointments so that they can come over and fix your internal fibre cable.
Operator 4: We found out that the underground cable at your area is broken. Our contractor are fixing it.
Operator 5: Let me give you the contractor’s number.
Operator 6: I’m sorry but we can’t let you know the contractor’s number.

What nonsence is this? I’m not even sure if their staff understands their own business processes.

Thank you Telekom Malaysia for a successful UniFi HSBB service and thank you for ignoring your customers.

PS: Those who think UniFi is faster, you might wanna opt for Streamyx as I find Streamyx service is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.

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