TNB new meter runs more faster and charges us more !!!
TNB new meter runs more faster and charges us more !!!
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TNB staff came and installed new meter at my house even ours old meter was find and functional, but the new meter was running in higher speed and this charges us more on the rate.. DOUBLE RATE (normal : 200 – 300 units) now new meter reading (390 – 413 units)… even we are doing the same routine at ours house for ours electricity household.

I have checked with the TNB staff and they said that the new meter was running okay and was more accurate than the old meter. The old meter was not accurate because it was older type. What is that mean ? All the while, the meter was from TNB too. Is it they are saying their own products was not in standard ? is it the new meter was in the actual standard ?

Question: ” If they just installed the new meter and said that this meter was more accurate, meaning that if the new meter runs faster, that suppose to be accurate? what is the actual standard for the new meter ?”

Please check your house electricity rating, may be you also have been charged higher? What we can do about it ?????

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