still corrupting!!!
still corrupting!!!
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I bought a car from my buddy who known since childhood. for the safety and secure purpose i sent my car to puspakom at wangsa maju for inspection even though i knew this car been small accident before where car panels are not affected.besides this car just 3 years old and with full service record.
however, when the result out, i been told by one of the authority that my car was failed by inspection due to my car wheelhouse being changed and there are cut and join marking.for me this is ridiculous! they told me that they MAY help me personally if i want but i rejected because it’s illegal.without any further explanation, my car been hold and sent to jpj for further inspection.
what going to shock me was they so called mechanic inspector told me that my car need to be there for two months for various inspections and they have no time to inspect my car in these feel weeks. they KINDLY advices me that if i will to pay a sum of money they will put my car in fast lane and release my car very soon. if not, my car going to be blacklisted and i will lost the car too. without getting more problem and making they fed up, i surrendered and pay whatever they request just to get back my car

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  1. drekyee says:

    u still can pay money get back the car is better than me, my car send to the agent for sale and later he said the car lost n no record i send the car to him. So my car still consider missing n get nothing…