Lagoon Perdana Apartment Bandar Sunway Subang
Lagoon Perdana Apartment Bandar Sunway  Subang
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I am a tenant at Lagoon Perdana Apartment located at Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya for the past 2 years++ and currently having a lot of problem with the management here.

The management is collecting the maintenance fees and everything on time but nothing is done for the residence there.. All the residence are just suffering and under going pressure with all the things which is happening and done by the management.

Prevent Dengue banner is placed at the entrance of the apartment for everyone to keep the place clean but the management have not collected the rubbish for the past to weeks. How to prevent dengue if rubbish is not collected?? Imagine how the place will look like will all the rubbish dumped??

The lift for almost all the blocks are not functioning in a proper order.. All the time it’s out of order.. How would the old people and children’s walk up the stairs if their are staying at a higher level. It is a 18 stories apartment and not 4 stories..

I wan to bring this issue to the media or press as the residence there is not getting a proper answer from the management.. What should I do??

Please assist the poor residence who are going thru this problem.


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2 Responses to Lagoon Perdana Apartment Bandar Sunway Subang

  1. noah says:

    The entire block are flooded recently and most of the lifts are not functioning. Prior to this, few lifts are not functioning for ages and nothing been done from the management. There is an AGM done with the help of MPSJ COB but the old management sends legal letter and stopped the new management to take over because of the court order. We are the residents tired and sick of this tactic so what are the government officials doing got scared of the court order so meaning the law to appoint a new JMB is useless end up who is suffering? Please get ADUAN Rakyat TV3, then everyone will do their job.


  2. Alex85 says:

    Yeah.. The residence here have to take appropriate action to get things done..
    I am sick and tired of this stupid management who is not responsible at all..