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true fitness sri hartamas
true fitness sri hartamas
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Becarefull when u want to register with true fitness. Nice talking but a lot off hidden charges. I already join on february 2009 and contract for 2 years. They deduct fee from credit card. But on march 2011 they called whether want to continue or not. I said nop. But when I check my credit card statement there is new registration fee and monthly fee was deducted. There said if one to stop need to go to the main center at hartamas and fill in form to stop it. Last time they did’nt tell us about this. I have to change my credit card to blocked the deduction. Bullshit this true fitness a lot of hidden agenda. So people out there becareful when u want to join them.

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2 Responses to true fitness sri hartamas

  1. angrybird says:

    There are many complaints from truefitness. Are they really that bad? They are such a big company. why are they doing this?

  2. Alexkwai says:

    My friend and I are just another victim here. In this case, they (True Fitness) moved from Pavilion to Kenanga International Building after a few months we joined. They didn’t disclose the fact that they are going to move even we asked them before we sign up for 12 months. We went to the new gym after they re-open and find that is no longer convenience to us and asked for membership termination. They refused us and told us we have to pay for the remain months of the membership fee for proper termination even we don’t like it. The worse thing is they keep charging us even after our membership is terminated. Their reason is they will keep charging till the remaining outstanding is settled and even we didn’t use it anymore. They even charge their solicitor fee to us as they sent us a demand for the outstanding. My outstanding membership was out 3 months and now they are charging for half a years and keep coming. Why that as a consumer we don’t have the right to terminate our membership as in this case they are the one that moving not even us? We have never owe them any month of membership fee when we were using the gym in Pavillion as that is the place that convenience to us. Of course, we don’t feel like paying after they have move to a new place that took us an hour traffic jam to go there. Does it mean a small consumer like us always lose out to a big organization like True Fitness and have to suck it to the fact they can make anything decision to their best interest but out their customer and consumer like us?