Tricked by deceitful real estate agent (Eugene Soh) from Chester Properties
Tricked by deceitful real estate agent (Eugene Soh) from Chester Properties
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I have an office unit for sale and was approached by Eugene Soh, a real estate agent from Chester Properties ([url][/url]). He had secured a supposedly willing buyer and provided me with a Letter of Offer which was already signed by the buyer. I signed the Letter of Offer on 22nd May 2011. The S&P was prepared a month later, instead of the maximum 2 weeks as stated in the LO, due to delays in obtaining details of the buyer from the agent. The signing of the S&P was then further delayed. The agent explained that the delay was due to personal issues faced by the buyer.

After 5 months of waiting, I considered the buyer had breach the contract as stipulated in the LO. I instructed the agent to make ready the payment of 50% of the buyer’s deposit to me. After being delayed again I decided to contact Chester Properties directly on the status of my payment. I discovered from them that the agent had not submitted the LO and the deposit check to the agency. I was also told that they will not be held liable over the 50% deposit claim as they did not receive the check from the buyer. In effect, my property had been locked in for a buyer which had not paid a deposit. This information was not shared with me by the agent throughout the 5 month period. In fact the agent had consistently reassured me that the buyer is still very interested in my property, which led me to patiently wait for 5 months.

I am utterly disappointed with the way the agency entertained my issue. I have contacted the Operation Manager (Jay) and the Director (David). According to them, this matter does not concern them even though the
misconduct was performed by one of their employees, using company’s official document. They reiterated to me that they will not reimburse the 50% of the deposit which rightfully belongs to me just because they did not receive the check from their agent. What they do not realize is that it is the responsibility of the agency itself to ensure that all checks collected by the agent should be submitted to the company. It is not the seller’s responsibility.

The way that the company washed their hands off this matter shows the utter lack of accountability of Chester Properties. It also undermines their integrity as a dependable mediator and implies that their signed official documents holds no value. Future clients of this agency should be wary of the risk when dealing with this agency and its agents.

During the 5 month period I had turned down many offers from other agents, thinking that the LO I signed with Chester Properties legitimate. Due to the misconduct of Chester Properties’ agent, I had
lost the opportunity to sell my office. Compounded with the current poor economic situation, the actions of the agent has caused me further loss in potential earning.

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  1. exyne says:

    If you have any information on where one can report deceitful actions of real estate agents / agency, please share.