Should Digi responsible?
Should Digi responsible?
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I purchased Samsung Galaxy Note and 1 year contract with DIGI Smart Plan 48. I went back and fully charge the phone and I found the phone speaker broke down after using for 2 hours.

I called Digi Customer service next day morning and the customer service told me to bring the phone back to Digi service center seek for help. I went back to Digi service center and request a new phone replacement but was rejected and been told that Digi only responsible to sell the phone. They ask me to send the phone back to Samsung service center.

Finally, I send the phone back to Samsung Service Center and they need to take at least 2 weeks time to replace me a new handphone. In these two weeks time, I have no phone to use, but Digi still chare me Digi Smart Plan 48. I try to request discount until Samsung Service center provide me a new hand phone but was rejected.

The package I bought is Samsung Galaxy Note + 1 year contract with DIGI Smart Plan 48. Without the phone, how can I make use the Digi smart plan 48? Should Digi bear any responsibility?

Do you think is fair? Where can I seek for the justice?

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One Response to Should Digi responsible?

  1. Alex85 says:

    Digi customer service always have attitude problem..
    They will always push thing to others rather the solving it for the customer..
    Digi have to be responsible for the phone which is sold by them and not samsung..
    Get this to the consumers tribunal with all the proof of purchase from Digi..
    They will do the rest for you..