Pos Malaysia service is SUCKS
Pos Malaysia service is SUCKS
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Our letters or parcel r all delivered by our Malaysia servant named postman. I understand that all houses in Malaysia do have a mail box no matter what type of houses they are even FLATS! My question is y these postman deliver letters Putting on d vehicle parked outside d house instead of in d mail box? I’ve got no more patient about this! They do not consider what if d weather rains? My letters are all wet n d words couldnt b read! These r all my important statement n agreements from banks! This kind of service by MALAYSIA POSTMAN is SUCKS! sorry to say that but it’s true!

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One Response to Pos Malaysia service is SUCKS

  1. icelkg says:

    sometime they also put your mail to the other house not your house ! i think they is lazy to delivery to your house …. this lagi suck ! if got important goods than habis ……