malacca postman is suck !
malacca postman is suck !
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the postman is damn suck o…. my letter is always delivery to my neighbor house ! if i got important letter sure habis ! the postman is so lazy to delivery to my house ! i hope the manager of postman can do something to tis !

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  1. Pritty Miss says:

    The same thing occurs with postmen in Selangor- PJ, Damansara, Sunway, SS, etc. They always send other peoles’ letters to other peoples’ houses. If the house owners are kind, they would pass over, if not, your letters won’t reach you. I don’t know why the Chief post masters do not advice their postmen to read the address properly & to put letters in the correct letterboxes. A postman’s job is sooo easy & yet they cannot do a proper job !