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Complaint of a Super Rude Agent
Complaint of a Super Rude Agent
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Here’s my bad experience with one of the agent representing MetroWorld Realty today.

I’ve been browsing for apartments and houses for sale around Subang Jaya, Puchong and also Ampang & Cheras.

I trust that with a good reputable company such as MetroWorld, there would be capable agents that can assist in my ventures to look for a good home to start a family of my own. Nevertheless, I am utterly disappointed with one of the agents for MetroWorld.

MetroWorld Realty Sdn Bhd (Puchong)
Danny Lai
+6012-216 8973
Email : [email]dannylai@metroworld.com.my[/email][/COLOR]

[B]On 7th Feb 2012, I tried calling him 3 times but nobody answered the call.[/B]

At approx. 6.30pm; I texted an SMS to Mr. Danny Lai found via iProperty to enquire about Sri Teratai apartment for sale. On top of that, I’ve placed in my requirements and also other options that I am looking at to purchase. I’ve given all the details that could help see if there’s actually other options besides Sri Teratai apartment in Puchong.

[B][U]Never in my life have I’ve ever came across such rude agent[/U][/B] who replied back that [B][U][COLOR=”red”]he could not help me and reason being is he insists and accused me by saying that “he knows I am a property agent” and he told me to “GO AND FIND MYSELF”[/COLOR][/U][/B].

[U][I][B]How rude he is to “assume” and making an ass out of himself by thinking I’m a property agent without even pursuing further. I do not know what kinds of tactics agents do nowadays but it is unjust to treat a potential buyer who is just interested in buying a property in these harsh economical times.[/B][/I][/U]

I called him up and he finally answered the call. I questioned him what right has he to accuse me of being a property agent by just 3 calls unanswered and 1 sms?

[B]He said because interested buyers won’t browse for more than 1 area.[/B] [B][COLOR=”red”]I was so pissed out by the way he spoke to me. It was as if I owed him something and he was just so rude. I told him off that I have my own agents but he thinks he is so smart and know-it-all that he don’t need other buyers to look for other options or other agents, he told me to find my own agent and hung up on me.[/COLOR][/B]

[COLOR=”red”][B][U]He definitely just lost a potential buyer and he even texted me to say that lucky I weren’t his buyer. How rude can he get??!![/U][/B][/COLOR]

I trust that in your good mind like everyone else, everyone deserves a fair just in what is right. And to make such assumptions of me as a property agent where I am just a new buyer buying a first home to start my own family is just absurd… I even told him the reason for my browsing at other areas to start my own family as a 1st home buyer. [B]Yes, I need to be rude to match up to his standard/level[/B].

However, I hope that a fair just action will be taken upon this agent who definitely lack ethics and definitely has attitude problem which needs fixing before its too late.
[B]Nevertheless, I am disappointed in this agent that my views of this company will definitely be affected.[/B]

I hope that the right thing in the right mind should be done to agents who unleash rude remarks that can harm the company the agent represents to potential buyers in the market.

(Ps. Pls see attached screen shot on the text msg he sent to me)

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One Response to Complaint of a Super Rude Agent

  1. John says:

    Hi, I had a same experience with this guy. Yesterday when I call him and arrange a viewing at Sri teratai after confirming the time. Once I’m there he just call and say the owner dowan to sell and just hang up without apologise. His tone was really really rude. Need to boycott this kind of agent and company. Why nowadays chinese are becoming so rude and thinking they are like king and never respect others ? I’m not being racist here 🙁