Bank Islam No Proper Procedure in Place and Crappy Service
Bank Islam No Proper Procedure in Place and Crappy Service
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– I had received sms on the 7/7/11 informing me that a transaction was going through their system

– On the same day, I called the call center to block and rushed to my Bank Islam branch in Kajang to
file a dispute on the unauthorized transaction

– I received a call from the fraud department on the 12/7/11 to verify that I was not making that
— He did not mentioned his name, and tell me that I need wait for his call to close the case

– I had received my credit card statement on the 16/7/11 but the unauthorized transaction still
appeared on the list
— I called the call center to freeze the unauthorized transaction so that I will not be charged with
interest and he gave me a number to call.[B][I] Isn’t it ridiculous! I have to do his job! Might as
well I get paid for it![/I][/B]

– I went to a Bank Islam Branch again on monday 18/7/11, and speak to the officer in charged to
freeze the unauthorized transaction. She gave me the phone and ask me to speak with her
colleagues at the HQ. [B][I]What is wrong with the employee in Bank Islam! Seriously
–The worst thing she had said to me is “You have to pay for the unauthorized transaction
eventhough you did not do it”.[B][I] Seriously, I don’t know whether the employees at Bank Islam
have the qualification to perform their duty there![/I][/B]

– I have wrote a letter to the Assistant General Manager (Muhammad Izmir Chan Abdullah) at the
Credit Card Center, and do hope he will do something about his unprofessional staffs. Or I will file a
complaint at the National Consumer Compliant Center.

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One Response to Bank Islam No Proper Procedure in Place and Crappy Service

  1. ahmadcomplaint says:

    I can conclude that from various complaints from forums and blogs collected in Malaysia that (1) Bank Islam has [B]untrained and unqualified staffs[/B] (2) [B]No solid and robust mechanisms and procedures[/B] are in place to handle simple problems that arisen from everyday banking activities.

    Another important points to share are the following:

    1. The call center is not accommodating and lack of knowledge.
    2. The branch officer try to shirk his job by passing the problem to another colleagues at another department.
    3. Violate human right whereby they told me to pay for the unauthorized transaction although the case was not finalized yet.
    4. No proper procedure to handle the problem at hand.
    5. Most importantly the staffs are very rude.