Plagiarism by University lecturers and Gerberian Media Solution
Plagiarism by University lecturers and Gerberian Media Solution
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We regret to inform readers that there has been some blatant and outright plagiarism activities carried
out by unscrupulous and unprofessional blogs and websites around that copies content from our portal and use it as their own.

We refer to the following page:


Based on our internal investigations, the owners of the websites http://keusahawanan-it- is owned and managed by university
lecturers and under the company Gerberian Media Solution.

As educators, they should be more than informed and educated enough to know that plagiarism is
outright stealing and ethically wrong. They have however ignored their academic values and decided to
copy our content and paste it into their site.

As the rightful owners of the content, we have written and informed them to remove the posts
immediately but our demands have fallen on deaf ears.

It is with deep regret that academicians like
Sutan Mahmood Bin Shamrudin
Hasanul Israf Bin Ibrahim
Jamilah Zuhrah

are resorting to such dirty tactics to increase
traffic to their websites. It is either they cannot write or just plain lazy to carry out their own researches.
We do not condone to such unlawful and low-class acts of plagiarism and theft and would continue to
seek action from the authorities if the postings are not removed immediately.

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