Forget about Apple Product === No repair
Forget about Apple Product === No repair
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[SIZE=”2″][SIZE=”3″]This can only happen in Malaysia, I bought online an ipad (serial No.DQTFRH1PDKPH) on July 2011, In December I accidently drop my ipad and the screen was seriously cracked. I bought it to an Apple authorised dealer ( EpicCentre@IOI Puchong – Afor Sdn Bhd)as the product was still under warranty for repair.
On 6th Jan 2012, I called the dealer enquiring about the outcome and to my utter disbelief and shock was told that the cost of repair is RM2379 (USD755).A brand new ipad cost RM1499 (USD476) and the cost of repair is 60% more to buy a new one which obviously their authorised dealer was trying to rip me off.
I decided to call Apple Technical Support (1800-803-638) and make some enquiries to them this can’t be true that they will appointed such ruthless dealer, their reply was very unhelpful and they said either pay the repair cost or buy a new one. They claimed that they only appoint the service center and have no control on the costs the service center charged their customer.
Anyone can see this is totally unreasonable and ridiculous that Apple is ignoring their warranty and responsibility on good faith and services to customer by appointing services center which is out to ruin their reputation as a reliable company that provide good after sales customer services. Indirectly it’s also encouraging future customer to buy pirate good without warranty and forget about services. It appear that Apple is treating their customers as fool and idiot and their customers are not able to realize that the cost of repairs of ipad can be more than buying a new one. Under the consumer law I believe I entitled to my money back from Apple for buying this ipad and an apology plus an explanation.As the result of what happened I am truly aggravated and have lose confidence and creditability in Apple as a reliable organization.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

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  1. Angeline Ng says:

    Hi I am feeling uneasy about my apple online purchase made last week . My experience has not been pleasant in contacting them when I found the delivery of my Mac air will be delayed ( did not abide by the delivery date stated when purchased) . I hope the Mac Air I receive will be in good working order . The money had been transacted in full- no notification of the delay. Found out when trekking the order online. Called up but unsatisfactory answer and explanation – unethical and misleading . Utterly shock since it is suppose to be a reputable company. Will post details if the deal turns sour…