Never ever buy White Gold in Poh Kong Jewellers
Never ever buy White Gold in Poh Kong Jewellers
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I know white gold have less value than normal gold,
so that when I buying the white gold ring, i did ask the sales girl how much less value if i sell it back after years, she was answering me it might only worth 70% compare with normal gold value depend on the market gold rate, so that i feel all right because it still worth to buy it. but after 3 months, due to some reason, i needed some urgent money, i bring along with the original receipt to Poh Kong, but the same sales girl told me that they are not allowed to sell back white gold at all…., i was shocked, can you believe it ? ask for yourself, you sure pass by any Poh Kong shop in any shopping mall nationwide, ask is free. and remember to tell your friend and relative, Never ever buy White Gold, better buy copper, at least you have Scrap Value. To Poh Kong: you cheated me once, but save my entire social network and friends of my friends, and their friends of their friends will never get cheated by you, it worth, thanks for the sales girl. go to hell !

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  1. Must_Ard says:

    Hi Robin,
    White gold don’t have any value when you want to sell back. I’ve known this for a long time already. Only pure gold can be sell back. The sales girl should have known and mentioned that.