Being cheat by car accesories shop
Being cheat by car accesories shop
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Layang Layang Auto Accesories Sdn Bhd is car accesories shop located at seksyen 23 Shah Alam. On 31st March 2012, i bought ICE (In Car Entertainment) unit for my car from them. After installation found that one of the system (OPD -Optical Parking System) inside the ICE unit was not fitted although they claimed the system was pre installed in the unit before i bought the unit. When i asked regarding this issue, they ask me to use this incomplete unit first before they replace the new unit (with OPD) within 2 weeks. Unfortunately until now(1.5 months already) , I haven’t received the new unit although many times I have follow up with them, too many false excuse they have given as I assume they don’t want to give me the new ICE unit. To make it worse, they suggest me to install the reverse camera that can be view from the monitor of the ICE unit to replace the OPD system temporarily that i agreed to buy on 07th March without thinking. After installation of the reverse camera, again it was not working ( no display at the monitor). They said nothing wrong with the reverse camera and put the fault to the ICE unit. They refuse to rectify the faulty and asked me to wait for the new unit which i doubt it. Now, my ICE unit without OPD and with my reverse camera not working.
As the reminder, pls be careful when buying and install any car audio/entertainment system at this shop, there will be tendency that you will be cheat.

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  1. Man says:

    07th May, not 07th March – typo error.